If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

Late, on Sunday afternoon, I found myself going around once and another with some ideas that I read in a post that talks about going back to those habits that I fight against during a long time.

When I talk about habits don’t think in nothing fancy, I’m a man who enjoys simple things, as procrastinating while he’s supposed to be doing something else more productive, and late I also enjoy in a sadistic way blaming my self and my habits for deviating my focus from something that makes me proud of my yield.

Another habit(a good one, I suppose) that I developed at a really young age it’s this “cable guy” attitude that makes me seek for significant lessons at movies, tv series, songs and the most unlickely places. This habit, became skill across all this kung-fu and sci-fi movies, come out with the solution to my Sunday afternoon dilemma in the shape of memories from a sketch from Big Bang Theory:

However blaming myself and my habits has become a habit by itself (I know, it’s really ironic) I found that some of those homework and tasks that I massively blame could be the source of a great part of my creativity.

For those who doesn’t trust in Sheldon Cooper as a trustable source here I add some links that may give you and interesting, and more cientifical approach to the subject.




I forget to say that all this come to me as some kind of revelation while I was folding laundry.

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